With more than 43,000 new videos uploaded every day on Vimeo alone, publishing and sharing a film isn’t enough to make sure it’s seen and appreciated.


Whether your work is commissioned by a brand or is something you created independently, making sure that it’s picked up by international publications and film festivals will get people talking and add value to to your work. By having a distribution strategy in place, which involves understanding the story of the film, its strengths and different angles, as well as adequately preparing a press kit and personally reaching out to selected media and festivals, we can ensure visibility for your film.

Press Strategy

Developing a press strategy for the release of your film means securing coverage across a number of publications during the first few weeks of its launch. The process requires a thorough study of the film in order to assess its appeal for different publications and their audiences. With that in mind, we work together to ensure that your film is seen and valued.

Film Festival Strategy

Developing a film festival strategy focuses on keeping your content alive over the course of the year by being selected and screened at festivals. Working with an allocated budget, we look at the where it makes sense to submit your film, taking into account its likelihood of being selected, as well as the submission fees and reputation of the festivals.