highlighting Video Content

Born in Italy and raised in the UK, I'm a Goldsmiths graduate who has been working in PR and communications since 2012. 


As one of the founders of Berlin Fashion Film Festival (BFFF), I developed the communication and branding strategy of the event to ensure international visibility across media through partnerships, press work, screenings and speaking engagements. During my time at BFFF I had the opportunity to see and award outstanding video content, as well as personally get to know the creatives behind it.


One thing that stood out to me is how the content I came across, that is short-films with a strong emphasis on style, lacked a proper PR strategy. This meant that often great content would not receive the visibility it deserved. 


As a result, I decided to leave Berlin Fashion Film Festival in 2016 to work with creatives from the fashion, film and advertising industries and support them in having their work seen across publications, media, screenings and film festivals.


The idea is to keep the content alive once it has been published by reaching the right people, that is those who will appreciate it, want to talk about it and award it. Depending on the type of content and objectives, I've seen this additional exposure being used to reach new clients, aim for higher budgets and establish valuable connections.


Ultimately, having news to share on a monthly basis works as a brand building exercise and benefits the status of the creatives behind the video production.